Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Get Rid Of Excessive Face Sweating

As they say, “Oiliness is next to Ugliness”. This goes through not only for women, but men as well. The oil build up on the face is brought about by excessive face sweating. What do to get rid of such unpleasant not to mention unattractive predicament? Read on.

Wash face regularly but not too much. Washing face too much leaves the skin dry. Wash your face using mild soap especially those that say “Oil Control”.

When outside, have powder handy. After walking under the sun, it is a sure fire way of activating all your sweat and oil glands, so hit the nearest rest room, wash face, even without soap, then dry face thoroughly and dab powder. Again, this goes true for men as well.

If powder is too much to carry around, or putting on powder is really not your thing, then have the face blotter ready. This usually comes in blue. Face blotter is the thinnest film of paper which you blot on your T zone (Forehead, around the nose and upper lip). This is also a very effective way of getting rid of excessive face sweating.

It would also be very helpful to have a very clean handkerchief. In place of the face blotter, you may use this to get rid of your facial sweat by slightly and gently patting on your face, especially on the T zone.

It is very important that we all look presentable at any given time. This speaks about how we take care of ourselves more than being attractive to others. More than anything else, hygiene should come first. Being able to get rid of excessive face sweating, or at least control it, also decreases the chances of pimple or even acne breakout, which is yet another story.

Do you want to get rid of your Excessive Sweating?

Do you want to feel cool and comfortable?

Do you want to feel confident when you are around others?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tips to manage Body Temperature to Control Your Excessive Sweating

How To Prevent Excessive Sweating:

Indeed, Sweating is a normal body reaction to heat, it what happens when the body tries to lower its temperature, but nevertheless, no one can safely say that this is an enjoyable nor is it a comfortable event, more so if it happens excessively. The following are a some ways to lower body temperature in order to stop sweating:

Shower more regularly

Shower a couple of times a day if you can, for maybe 15 minutes, this will keep you cool and fresh for the next few hours. You are able to cut down on your body's perspiration rate. Also if you don’t have any allergies of that sort, you can put body talc or powder after bathing or showering, this also keep you cooled and controls sweating as well.

Keep Your Area and body well Ventilated

You can help keep your body temp low by keeping your surroundings well ventilated. Turn on the air condition in the summer and let some of the cool air in during winter. You should also wear loose and light colored clothes so lesser heat will trapped, wear clothes that provide your body ventilation as well.

Salt And Water Mixture

This solution is simple but it is effective. Salt helps in regulating water content and fluid balance in the body. So sodium chloride will help reduce body heat. Do it with 1 part salt and 5 parts water you will soon discover how easy it is to lower body heat.

Try not drink too many caffeinated drinks, caffeine provide you with pointless highs.

Stopping excessive sweating is simple once you know what works for you. The tips above are just a few of the things you can do. Try them out and you might be surprised with the results

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tips To Prevent Excessive Sweating For Good

Available Tips To Prevent Excessive Sweating:

Do you find that you suffer from excessive sweating? If so, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This is when your sweating glands are over reactive and you sweat more than normal. Even more so when the time is cool. This is a problem that affects at least 1% of the American population alone. Though it is not a life threatening disease or even a very serious disease for that matter, it can affect your self confidence to a great extent. Just imagine that you are in a meeting and your armpits just start sweating excessively, how would that make you feel?

It is therefore essential that you follow the tips to prevent excessive sweating below so that you can end your condition and live a cool and normal life.

There are several ways in which you can combat your excessive sweating condition so that you can be free from embarrassments. Now, some of these methods may be very expensive while some may be cheap and effective and can be done in the comfort of your home. Whichever tips to prevent excessive sweating you chose is totally up to you.

Preventative Measures:
Here are the tips to prevent excessive sweating, it is very important that you take some precautions to keep your sweating under control to some extent.

1. Take a shower at least twice per day in cold water - This may sound a bit simple. However, you would be surprised to know how many persons are not doing this. Simply taking a cold shower twice per day will keep your body cool and will also help to keep body odor under control.

2. Shave Your Underarm Hair - This is a great way to not only reduce sweating but also to prevent body odor. You can wax your underarm with specific products that you can get from your local pharmacy. Then all you need to do is rinse off and the hair will go away. You could also just use shaving cream and a razor to assist you. It doesn't matter what you use, just be sure to get rid of the excess underarm hair if you want to reduce your sweating condition.

3. Use a Deodorant - After every shower it is very important that you use a (antiperspirant) deodorant. Make sure to dry your armpits properly with a clean towel and the Preferably use the powderish form deodorants as these will keep you cool and prevent body odor for a longer period of time.

The above tips will help you to keep your sweating condition under control. However, if those fail you can use an all natural method to end your condition for good. This is treatment that has worked for thousands of people and you can use it in the comfort of your home. The best part is that it will work in as little as 14 days or less. To try it, visit Stop Sweating And Start Living Today.

Monday, August 31, 2009

How To Stop Excessive Sweating - Once & For All

Do You Have To Go Through Your Life Daily Battling With Excessive Sweating?

Embarrassment is one word to describe one’s experience with excessive sweating. Such health conditions occur even in normal circumstances not involving stressful chores and heavy physical labor. This situation is exactly the reason why you need to know how to stop excessive sweating and end that scarring experience behind.

Perspiration is a normal body mechanism that helps cool the body. However, the process becomes abnormal when you sweat more than the usual. Excessive perspiration in the face, armpits, palms, and other parts of the body could be blamed to hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis prevents you from impressing your date, getting that dream job, or meeting other people. In order to change your life, you must find solutions to end this problem fast.

Solutions To Combat Excessive Sweating:

The most common solution to combat excessive perspiration is with the aide of powerful antiperspirants. Modern antiperspirants have the latest technology of blocking the sweat glands responsible in expelling moisture out of the body.

Aside from antiperspirants, topical creams, powders and ointments promise fast results after application. There are some of these creams that work if as a consumer, you are critical of the Food and Drugs approval found at the package labels.

If this doesn’t work, you can try oral medications. This method though has side effects to the body including dizziness and endocrine abnormalities. Some users find that taking antiperspirant pills work for them though. The dangerous thing with oral drug treatment is the long term effects if the body is overdosed.

Botox injection brings a controversial yet fast answer to over sweating. Botox is directly injected to the dermis to block the exit points of sweat glands in the skin. The results of the therapy last up to 6 months. The procedure does not come cheap and considering that the results last for only months, it is not a permanent solution. Complications of prolonged Botox effects on the skin are not yet properly documented but some users claim that it causes harm to the skin.

Yet another expensive procedure is surgery where the sweat glands are cut or extracted away from the body. The results are permanent but still it is not cheap plus the process is painful.

Proponents of natural treatments recommend using products with natural ingredients. For them, how to stop excessive sweating is easy through inexpensive and natural means. There are hundreds of these procedures that are explained in detail in the Internet.

The natural plans are solid and are based on scientific researches which are proven for hundreds of years now. Aside from clinical evidences, these natural products are backed by thousands of satisfied customers who up to this day no longer suffer from extreme perspiration. You don’t need to spend all your wealth just to find solutions. Permanent natural solutions need not to be expensive.

It is important to know how to stop excessive sweating and apply those that you have learned in your present state. In the end, it is you that will get rewards with your effort. Stop suffering from low self esteem and search for that solution now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Are You Suffering From Excessive Sweating?

If your answer to the above question is yes then you already know the pain and embarrassment that comes along with having this condition. We all know that sweating is a natural process and every human will sweat at some point or anther in their lives. This a way to eliminate waste as well as to cool down the body by losing heat.


The problem is that some people will sweat more than normal. This is when the sweat glands become very active and your produce larger quantities of sweat in various parts of your body. Can you imaging being in an office and your shirt soaked with sweat? Very embarrassing isn't it?

So The Question You May Be Asking Now IS: How To Stop Excessive Sweating?

Like many problems there are always some for of solution. Excessive sweating which is medically known as hyperhidrosis is also a condition that can be treated and possibly eliminated. There are various types of treatments, some expensive and can be very painful while some are cheap and less painful. Below are some of the methods that you can consider when thinking about how to stop excessive sweating.

Botox Injection -

Besides being expensive, this form of treatment can be very painful. It is mostly used for persons who have extreme sweating condition and is not recommended if you only have mild hyperhidrosis.

In treating with Botox, the Botox is injected into the skin of the underarm of the patient to prevent the release of a chemical called acetylcholine which carries signals from the sympathetic nervous system to the sweat glands in the underarm to stimulate sweat production. The injection of the Botox simply blocks the nerves in the underarm that cause excessive sweating and thereby prevents sweating in that area. You will get relief for 6 - 10 months using this treatment.

Surgery -

The surgery on How To Stop Excessive Sweating is called sympathectomy. In this procedure, te surgeon will insert a small microscope (endoscope) between your ribs located just below the armpits. This is to find the nerve responsible for the excessive sweating and they will destroy them.

This procedure can be very tedious and even though it has over a 90% success rate, if there is a slight mishap things can go really bad. It is very important for you to consult your doctor to exhaust all means of treatment before resorting to sympathectomy.

Natural Treatments -

Besides from the above methods, there are cheaper, safer and more readily available routes that you can take to eliminate excessive sweating. As a matter of fact, the above two should be a last resort in the event that you do not get the desired results from natural treatments.

Natural treatments have very little side effects and the results can last for longer periods of time. Now there are many guides on how to stop excessive sweating but only a very few that are worth it. I have been through quite a few of them and have concluded that the best guide that is now available is an ebook by Mike Ramsey: Stop Sweating And Start Living. It is very detailed and to the point with step by step instructions to help you get over your sweating condition in as little as two weeks. To get more information, you can click the link below: